Recently the IVI group carried out a project called “Development of a Business Resource Planning System adapted to the Bio-health sector for integrated information management” under file number FIT-350100-2007-258 with the support of the Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism and its funding system under the Technical Research Development Programme 2007.

The purpose of this project is to attain a better level of digitilization across the clinics that make up the IVI group, in order to significantly increase competitivity and thereby extend our range of care products and services through state-of-the art data management.

This new model of data management will allow us to update and access data instantly, avoiding repetition and giving the option to bring up case history data, which will improve patient care and allow us to conduct clinical studies which form the basis of our research work.

Completion of the project will therefore lead to:

  • Consolidated and interconnected management of information across all IVI clinics, which will allow
    • Unified global reasearch: Online interconnection of data from the various clinics around the globe will allow scientists to conduct research on all available data in real time, identifying pockets of patients with similar problems in order to speed up the prescription of treatment.
    • Patient mobility: Any patient can be seen at any of our clinics, with real time access to their case histories and no administrative obstacles.
    • Reducing the risk of duplicated and inconsistent information
    • Driving international expansion
  • Centralized corporate services in all the clinics. The centralized model will improve our systems and applications maintenance and facilitate the opening of new clinics.
  • A single platform for the user helpdesk at the IT department, improving user satisfaction.
  • A Departmental Management Methodology will be made available, based on processes to detect potential for and implement continuous improvement by setting improvement indicators.
  • Maintaining IVI Team spirit, pioneering reproductive medicine, with medical and financial management and no need for any physical back-up.