In May IVI Sevilla celebrates the tenth anniversary of the clinic with a massive party in the Alamillo Park.

Held in Valencia the 4th International IVI Congress attended by over 1,000 professionals assisted reproduction.

Iviomics, the IVI genetic division, is founded.

IVICO, is born, consultancy services and professional training about embryology.

In November, IVI continues its national expansion opening a new clinic in Santander.

The opening of Sao Paolo’s consolidates the international expansion of the company.


La The Foundation IVI was awarded the Fundación Salud 2000 award in reproductive medicine for its research intopreserving fertilityin children with cancer.
Alicante already has a second IVI centre, in the city of Elche.

The first child in the world to have been selected using anembryoscope, was born. The embryoscope is an advanced incubator which increases the chances of success ofIVF.

IVI celebrates its XX anniversary with a crowded party in the Jardines de Viveros de Valencia. Coinciding with Mother’s Day 50 000 balloons were thrown away to celebrate the 50 000 births they freed themselves to commemorate the 50. 000 births in these two decades.

A new clinic in Latin America is opened, this time in Salvador de Bahía.


IVI and the Hospital Peset de Valencia,both together manage the world’s first twin birth after ovarian tissue implant and vitrification of oocytes.

The 3rd International Congress IVI on reproduction is held in Madrid with the assistance of more than 1,000 national and international experts.


IVI opens a clinic in Buenos Aires, the group’s first assisted reproduction clinic in Argentina.

The Lilly Foundation awards Professor Pellicer its Biomedical Research Prize 2008.

IVI Vigo is awarded the Premio Da Sociedade Galega de Obstetricia e Xinecoloxia for its study of ovarian stimulation.

The IVI clinics in Spain are ranked among the best 50 companies in which to work, on the Best Place to Work list.

The Foundation IVI and AECC-Valencia join forces to preserve the fertility of cancer patients and for the first time in Spain, offer freezing of reproductive cells free to cancer patients.

In May, Professor Antonio Pellicer is made a member of the Spanish Academy of Medicine.

IVI receives First Prize for Clinical Research at the Spanish Infertility Society Conference.

IVI experts in male fertility develop the semen biochips methods for diagnosing male infertility.

In October, IVI publishes its first book on assisted reproduction aimed at patients themselves.

The ASRM awards IVI the prize for the Best Medical Research at its 64th congress, for a study that improves the pregnancy rate in older women.

In November, a bibliometric study puts Professors Pellicer, Remohí and Simón among the 15 most prolific scientists in the world.

IVI Vigo achieves a world first – the birth of a baby using double vitrification of the egg and blastocyst.

Buenos Aires presents Didier, the first child born of a frozen egg in Argentina.

Awards and recognition

Awards and recognition

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