History 1995 – 1989


IVI Castellon opens in April.

IVI achieves the world’s first pregnancy from frozen sperm taken from the testicle of a sterile man.


IVI achieves the first pregnancy in Spain and only the second in the world of a woman whose husband had previously undergone a vasectomy, using testicular sperm. This scientific breakthrough was made possible by implementing the method of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Microinjection.


The Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI) is founded. Its first premises are located on the Calle Guardia Civil in Valencia, with 10 employees.



IVI began to take shape in 1989 when Antonio Pellicer observes that the IVF group that he has set up at the Hospital Clinico in Valencia is full of enthusiasm but lacking in structure and growth potential. It is then that he decides to get together with José Remohí to create a private group that will import the model of reproductive medicine they both learned in the United States. The challenge begins…

Awards and recognition

Awards and recognition

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