The team

IVI began its life in 1990 with a team of ten people. Today it has over 1000 professionals dedicated to reproductive medicine. Excellence, rigour and quality of service are the reflection of the work put in by this highly qualified team of individuals.

For our staff, patient satisfaction is the top priority. That’s why we have the very best specialists in the field of assisted reproduction.

IVI is led by Doctors Antonio Pellicer and José Remohí, Professors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Valencia.

Each of the IVI clinics is run by a specialist in assisted reproduction and management: Dr. Manuel Muñoz (IVI Alicante), Dra. Rafaela González (IVI Almería), Dr. Agustín Ballesteros (IVI Barcelona), Dr. Marcos Ferrando y Dña. Yolanda Arteagoitia ( IVI Bilbao), Dr. Fernando Neuspiller (IVI Buenos Aires), Dr. Manuel Rodríguez (IVI Castellón), Dr. Javier Domingo (IVI Las Palmas), Dr. Sérgio Reis Soares (IVI Lisbon), Drs. Juan Antonio García-Velasco and Antonio Requena (IVI Madrid), Dr. Claudio Serviere (IVI Mexico), Dr. José Landeras (IVI Murcia), Dr. Roberto Epifanio Malpassi (IVI Panama), Dr. Carlos Troncoso (IVI Santiago de Chile), Dr. Manuel Fernández (IVI Seville), Dra. Amparo Ruiz (IVI Valencia) and Dr. Elkin Muñoz (IVI Vigo) and Dr. José Serna (IVI Zaragoza).