From the outset, IVI has worked to drive forward new lines of research and to actively transfer knowledge across the field, contributing to its development and to the opening of yet further lines of research.

Here we highlight some of the publications and guides that reflect the scientific work conducted by members of the IVI team.

Stem cells in human reproduction, basic science and therapeutic potential.
Simón C, Pellicer A.
Informa Healthcare. 2007

Emerging concepts on human implantation.
Simón C, Pellicer A, Remohí J.
Oxford University Press. 1999

Manual Práctico de Esterilidad y Reproducción
Remohí J, A. Cobo, J. Romero, M.J. de los Santos, A. Pellicer.
McGraw-Hill Interamericana. 2008

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